T Wong

Nov 24, 2017

CS is one of the most popular portals for CRE investment.  The portal is generally well designed.  When/if I have observed "rooms for improvement", I provided them with my feedback and they are very receptive to my suggestions.  The IR (Investor Relationship) team is well staffed and they have always gone the "extra miles" to promptly response to my enquiries and/or to set up a direct and immediate connection with the sponsors.  In every deals that I have made, I have direct connection to the principals of the sponsors.  CS encourages/sets the typical minimum investment threshold to $25K reducing the financial exposure for the perspective investors getting to know the sponsors to whom they have no prior experience with.  All the above are excellent strategies / services / features of CS.  Most recently (early Oct 2017), I suggested CS to pay more attention to the quality of many deals when the sponsors only have minimal stake of equity (5% or even less).   I typically pay no attention to the deals when the sponsors do not have enough stakes (equity) in the projects.  However, knowing the business model of CS and others is to have more deals to flow through the platforms, the investors are encouraged to be more observance and selective in picking the right deals that they are comfortable with.  I'd like to see all the other crowdfunding portals can benchmark each other to identify their niches to make the crowdfunding ecosystem more healthy and vibrant.