James Mc Ree

Jan 30, 2017

FtF is one of my favorite platforms.  "Who is your customer?"  FtF answers this question as, "The investor."  Naturally, they need to pay attention to both sides, but they lean more towards protecting the investor.

I like that they provide a lot of up front information about the property and borrower.  I feel like I have a good understanding of the deal after reading their information and I have enough information to do more research if I feel so inclined.  They have shown in my experiences an inclination to protect investors by refusing extensions to borrowers while also working with them to find the best way forward for everyone.

Payments are consistently on-time.  There is one payment made per investment which can be a little hard to map payments back to specific investments, but it has all been in there.

Communications are fantastic.  Regular project updates are provided and investor relations folks are readily available for questions.  Sometimes, FtF can be a little more timely in their communications, but they far exceed my experiences in every other platform.