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Successful Investing: Information

Successful Investing: Information

With the passage of the JOBS Act in 2012, the Internet has exploded with equity crowdfunding platforms and investments. Accredited investors now have unprecedented access to deal flow that were once reserved for only the well-connected. The challenge now is to differentiate between the good, the bad, and the ugly sponsors and  sites. By joining CrowdDD, you can access and help evaluate the many varied  real estate crowdfunding sponsors raising money for their projects. The secret to a successful  equity investment is a experienced and trustworthy real estate sponsor. Let the wisdom and diversity of the crowd help determine which sponsor to trust. Register for free and discover where the smart money is going. Unsure about equity crowdfunding? Read our explanation.   investors with first hand experience with real estate sponsors share their research, reviews and due diligence. This site is for accredited investors only!

You can trust and rely on the ratings and reviews at CrowdDD. Members can only rate sponsors and platforms with whom they have invested. Ratings are based on the real experiences of fellow accredited investors. You can sort and see the rankings of real estate sponsors by the following criteria: Sponsor Fees, Communication, Track Record, Number of Ratings, and Overall Rating. Investors rate crowdfunding  sites on similar criteria: Quality of Deals, Sponsor Fees, Due Diligence Provided by the Real Estate Platform, and Overall Rating.

Added Bonus -  If you register to join CrowdDD, members that qualify are invited to join the 506 Investor Group. A private real estate crowdfunding investor group that has invested over $1.92 Billion in crowdfunded & syndicated real estate deals and a combined net worth over $11.33 Billion. The group often gets early access to real estate investments, exclusive access to private deals, lower minimums, and lower sponsor fees. Group members saved over $14,330,000 in  fees and promotes on a recent crowdfunded investments. The 506 Group invested over $105 million with a single sponsor  with a reduced waterfall that should save members over $6.8 million over the life of the fund.

The 506 Group has invested over 1/2 Billion Dollars on deals we negotiated special terms with quality sponsors resulting in lower fees and promote for our members.