About Us

Investor-Rated for Your Peace of Mind

CrowdDD was founded in 2014 with the purpose of generating crowdsourced reviews of sponsors and platforms in the alternative investment space. The 2012 jobs act opened the floodgates on deal flow for the accredited investor.  However, all sponsors and investments are not created equal. 

The founders of CrowdDD uncovered five listed investments on crowdfunding platforms that materially mispresented the facts and were removed.  If two investors could uncover this amount of fraud, what could a crowdsourced community uncover?  

This is the genesis of the CrowdDD Website.   Crowd Due Diligence. Our website enables investors to rate and write detailed reviews of sponsors that they have invested in over the years.

Platform & Sponson Reviews You can Trust

Most novice investor's due diligence revolves around the structure and terms of a given deal.  They often overlook that the most important part of investing which is finding quality sponsors with long successful track records. 

The investor’s goal is to find investors that are pleased with their reporting, communications, timely distributions, and how quickly sponsors respond to investor concerns.  Our reviews are written by members that have invested alongside our listed sponsors and platforms.  The reviews are not second hand, but from investors that placed their money and trust with the sponsor.

Protecting Your Bottom Line

Our rating system allows investors to sort the highest rated sponsors according to the criteria they consider the most important. 

Investors review sponsors based on the following:

  • Communication

  • Reporting

  • Performance

  • Track record

  • Fees

Fees vary wildly from sponsor to sponsor. Digging into the PPM our members uncover fees that can range from 15% to 50% of the gross returns of a project. 

CrowdDD will teach you to stay away from greedy sponsors that charge exorbitant fees.  We have discovered the most important factor when investing in alternative investments is working with an experienced sponsor whose interest is aligned with investors. 

Our goal is to provide a trusted platform where investors can share their experiences with real estate sponsors and platforms.  Let the wisdom of the crowd guide your real estate and alternative investment decisions.

Since the launch of CrowdDD, many crowdfunding platforms have come and gone.  Early visitors to CrowdDD could see firsthand reviews of the platforms that were destined for failure because of the inadequate due diligence.  Readers of our CrowdDD reviews of iFunding and Realty Shares avoided a lot of heartaches as these platforms collapsed.

Elite Online Investing: The 506 Investor Group

CrowdDD has a private sister site, the 506 Investor Group.  The oldest and original online investment club for alternative investments. The 506 Investor group is an invitation-only group of over 2,000 accredited investors and 500 qualified purchasers.  

Members share deal flow and share due diligence on passive real estate investing, life settlement funds, legal settlement funds, distressed debt, hedge funds, and private equity to name a few.  

All information is private and confidential. Private deal level investment reviews tend to be more forthcoming about the good, the bad, and the ugly of an investing.  Only independent investors are allowed. 

Over the years, the group has used its size to negotiate better terms from sponsors, saving millions in reduced promotion and fees for 506 Investor Group members. The group often enjoys lower fees, lower promotes, exclusive deals, and early access to investments.

Join CrowdDD today and get the due diligence you need to invest wisely.