CrowdDD 2.0 - A Change of Focus For Our Site

We are in the process of revamping and changing the focus of CrowdDD.cvom.  We built the site to be the internet’s resource for crowd sourced due diligence on Angel and real estate crowdfunding investing. However, for a variety of reason the site has not lived up to its potential. Sec rules, cease and desist letters form crowdfunding platforms also contributed to the sites stagnation.

I quickly learned that I do not have the network or expertise to become a successful angel investor and for the past 2 years have invested exclusively with real estate.  I’ve decided to focus on what I understand and pivot the site to the most important factor in any real estate deal, the sponsor.

The sites new focus will be for accredited investors to rate and discuss real estate developers and sponsors.  We will no longer post individual investments or startup investments.  To be fair to the sponsor and to have the most accurate ratings, we will only rate sponsors that members of CrowdDD have invested.

To make this happen we are making CrowdDD an invitation only membership site.  Our listings and information will be open to the public, but only members will be able to rate and discuss sponsors. In the coming months, we will purge our database of all current members.  Thereafter, the only members will be investors in a private email real estate discussion group.

The sites database will have over 50+ sponsors that our group has invited with over the last three years. Sponsors will be given the opportunity to invite their members to join CrowdDD and rate their experience. In addition, members will be able to invite  accredited investor that they may know.

We will rate sponsors on the following criteria:

1. Sponsor Fees

2. Track Record/Performance

3. Communication/Reporting


We will not allow the discussion of any 506b investment and the comment section of the site will be moderated and any unprofessional post will be removed.  We have sent out detail questionnaires to 50 plus sponsors and hope to have an accurate detailed information sheet on each sponsor.   Typical sponsor fees, tack records and experience will be noted for each sponsor.


We hope to have CrowdDD 2.0 launched by January of 2017.

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