New Feature? Posting My Crowdfunding Investments as I make them

If there is interest, I will post after I make a commitment  to a crowdfunding investment.  A few people have emailed saying that it  may help to see when others invest.  I may post when I pass as well.

My investments in June:

1. A self Storage facility in Fl  Projected 25% IRR. 10 year hold

2. A Loan on Bolstr for Scout Beer. Projected 24% IRR . 2 year hold

3. Real Crowd's South Landing. Retail 11% ConC projected 15% IRR. 6 year Hold

4. Realty Mogul's Courtyard Marriott deal 15% ConC projected 20% IRR.

5.  (on Bigger Pockets) Texas Multifamily. 17% projected IRR


Michael R

Member Since: 2016

May 09,[email protected];26 PM


Mark, any updates on the 5 current investments that you listed?

Robert C

Member Since: 2015

Jul 16,[email protected];09 PM


Mark, yes I'm definitely interested in hearing about what you are investing in real time. Is there a way to get alerted when you invest in a new CF deal or syndication?

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