Robert Kramm

Mar 12, 2018

Update: 4Q18. I have grown to become less a fan and want to down grade my previous 4* rating. I didnt like the portfolio changing on a daily basis so I locked it down, in the 2Q18. The  maturity schedule at that time showed i should get most my cash back by Dec'18 maybe January'19. Six months on, I'm down to 60 loans from 85, I got 4 delinquents (maxed out at 5), one has not been updated since March'18, I have seen zero info passed thru about the delinquents, and i got 10 loans that show as active yet they were due maturity months ago, and porbably another 10 that were extended and are now looking at maturity in 3Q'19 (all with zero notification from AF). After a website remodel months ago, they changed things around and it seems like they took away the ability to drill down and see the details of the loans. 

Oriiginal post: Have only been a participant since mid December. They are a fund of funds that invest your $$$ into HMLs from 4-5 other originating platforms, diversifying you into 80-90 different loans. I believe they get first dibs on some of  those cream of the crop loans that are full up by the time you log onto the originators site. From the get go you get a laddered portfolio and start getting back principal on some of the shortest loans within the first month, (can be auto-reinvested).  My current portfolio is paying 9.2% which is down alittle from the 9.5% in December, as i think some originators are getting squeezed a little on int rate. One thing i don't like is there is a concentration into loans in the NYC area. A second dislike is three of my 91 loans are late, and i dont get a look-thru on AFlows site to what the problem is, however they were prompt in responding to my inquiry(reno completed and waiting ono sale). Overall I feel that they have a good product and i'm about to increase my investment.