Paul Chung

Aug 02, 2018


I would stay away from this sponsor for now. I question their competence at this point. They're beginning to miss distributions on a core plus, master leased property. 

They were also misleading on one of their PPMs about their plans. They were pursuing a master lease with a local healthcare provider but abandoned that plan upon acquiring. Allegedly it was in the best interest of the investors but until I see results in the form of increased distributions, extremely disappointing. 

--end update

They communicate well and answer questions in a relatively timely fashion.

I'm invested in Vitae and 266 Lofts. My gripe with them is that they distribute only the preferred amount and nothing more. Their standard PPMs state they can distribute anything above the preferred return at their discretion, which is atypical language. 

Otherwise, I believe they are able to source excellent deals on a risk-adjusted basis.