Alex Trepetin

Feb 19, 2017

I invested one deal of ASAP's, which just closed escrow a few months ago, therefore I cannot give them a rating for Track Record/Performance, and I don't recall how the Fees rated on the deal.

However, I did give them 5 out of 5 stars for "Communications/Reporting". The deal was supposed to close around May or Jun 2016, and I remitted funds in April. For various reasons, the official closing was delayed into November 2016. During this time, ASAP was communicative regarding the delays, but the biggest positive was instead of holding my funds as "dead money" in escrow, they paid the preferred rate from April 2016. I actually received my first preferred payment in October 2016, which is BEFORE they closed on the investment. 

The 1st quarterly report (Q4/2016) was well prepared, detailed and delivered to investors around 40 days after the end of the quarter. A reasonable time for a 1st report.

Very impressed with the sponsor, without actually having much info on how the investment is progressing.