T Wong

Dec 16, 2017

I invested into their Crowne Plaza near Dallas deal just in Nov 2017.  Hence, it is too early to speak to the performance of this project at this early stage.  However, after I walked the hotel and interviewed with the current staffs, I upped my bet as I felt so positive with the project.   I flew to LA to meet with the core team and to exchange in-depth opinions on their background and strategy.  This is a team from Asia (Taiwan and China).  They have extended background in insurance, banking, and real estate investment specifically in hospitality.  The team has access to a few ultra- high net worth individuals for the bulk of the equity portion.  The track record on other prior projects was excellent.  More importantly, they put in 10% co-investment in all their deals.  I feel very confident with this core team and I look forward to participating in other future project(s) if my liquidity warrant.