Richard A

Feb 16, 2017

I have invested in 3 major sites, Crowdstreet, RealCrowd, and Realty Shares.  The largest percentage of my investments have been with Crowdstreet due to the following reasons: a) Their Investment Relations  Manager, Manish Arora goes beyond the call of duty, answering my questions (or getting the sponsor to answer them), and is always available to answer any questions/concerns I have.  He also is very knowledgeable in his job, b) Their deal flow in both quantity and quality is better than the others out there, c)  Their administration/accounting of your investments is far superior to RealCrowd and similar to Realty Shares, and d) I prefer the platforms that allow me to work directly with the Sponsor, although I do like some of Realty Shares deals, which is why have used them second most to CrowdStreet.