Jack Reidy

May 02, 2017

I have been investing CRE sites since early 2013 when this genre began to form. I personally have invested in 10 different Crowdfunding sites and researched 25 others.

Realty Shares has moved up the leaderboard in my opinion and they are one my three "go to" sites for investing in real estate.

Here are my results thus far:

Average return of 16.16% on 15 closed deals. Highest Annualized return of 42% and lowest just shy of 3%. No loss of principal and a wealth of options between debt, equity, residential and commercial.

I have 25 existing opportunities in various phases and happy with how things are progressing.

There have been problems along the way and there are Sponsors who do not work out well which have been listed previously.

All in all, I think RS is one of the better sites for accredited investors.