David hutson

May 07, 2018

Evening all,

I am in VHG II and III and just signed up for Avondale-Mirage directly through them and Met Center 15 (Realcrowd) in the past month.  

I am good with their numbers and returns so far.  Communication is getting better, especially with more staff.  I always get quick responses if I have a question.

My concerns have been the same as others, that they will get individual deals which look good and also have some of their fund money rolled up into these also.  I am ensuring not to be double, or triple, into any one of their properties. 

I haven't been in any of the deals that have exited but they have more staff and growing.  That's the only good sign.  I really don't have any bad to say about them and I hope it stays that way.  

Their previous deals seem to have gone well and I haven't seen any of their deals go bad.  If I could suggest one improvement it would be that I would like to see more info on how the deals are going.  I see the pretty quarterly reports but I wouldn't mind a few paragraphs directly from the senior team stating how things are going and what they expect in the next quarter.